Beware of Target costume return policy!


One shopping tip I learned today and feel the need to share – ***Be careful if you are buying costumes and are not 100% sure of keeping them!!!*** Places are putting the smack down on costume returns – including Target!!! When they have signs up that say ‘no returns after 10/31’ – they mean it!! It does not matter if you bought it today on clearance and have your receipt and only want the same clearance price back – you will not get it. I learned this the hard way – luckily I found a Target that returned mine ‘this one time’ since an associate there had told me incorrectly on the phone that I could. (A return tip if you read between the lines/need to do so yourself….) As someone that often buys in a hurry and may return something later I felt the need to warn anyone else that may do that also – be careful!!!

*I had posted this post about Target costume return policy on Facebook before I got my blog started but it deemed repeating.  I can also now elaborate on my return strategy – one tip is if one Target denies you simply try another one – they all seem to go by their own rules – call first to avoid a wasted trip.  I personally called 3 of them before I got the answer I wanted and then raced there before they changed their mind and sure enough I was told it was NOT their policy to return costumes anymore but since I called first they would – but you can bet they heard about it at their next team meeting so I would have surely been out of luck the next day.

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  1. Ran into thus today….uggghhh! Bought a costume half off, asked cashier if I could return…she said yes with a receipt. Hot home, tried it on…returned the next day. Was denied. Makes me not want to even shop at Target now!

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