Garage Sale Supplies: What to have on hand for your own garage sale…


To have your own garage sale you will want/need the following garage sale supplies:

-Garage Sale signs – place at high-traffic street corners & in your own yard.

-Tables – to place your items on (Can get folding tables at Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, etc. – or you can borrow from a friend, relative, or neighbor if you do not plan on having future rummages.)

-Cash/Change – The amount can vary – I like to have on hand around $100 in cash – say 2-$10 bills, 10-$5 bills, 20-$1 bills, and a roll of quarters.-Portable hanging rack – if selling clothes this is a big help to be organized/hang clothes (Can purchase for around $15 from Target etc.) – along with hangers – can get inexpensively at Target or even Goodwill if you need extras.

-Pricing stickers, and/or masking tape – to label items with prices.

-Sharpie markers for labeling.

-Extra plastic bags for bagging people’s items.

-Money holder TO WEAR – can get for under $1 at Home Depot, etc. that tie around waist – or use a small sling purse.

-Misc. such as a garbage bag/basket, rope to rope off any non-sale areas, paper to make signage, tape to tape labels etc.

***Rummage/Garage Sale tips to come next…….****

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