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Goodwill Return For Money Back

Just a quick post to let you know that you CAN take something back at Goodwill (Goodwill return) and get your money back! I had purchased a brand new in box Princess Castle that had been salvaged from Target and when I opened it the bottom of the toy was broken.

I was not sure if she meant for a store credit or money so I went right in. I had to have my story verified that I had spoken to the manager ahead of time and then voila they put the money back on my credit card. I was thrilled with this as it was a $55 item and I would much rather have the money back than store credit for that high of an amount. This is not a common scenario as it was based on the item being defective but I wanted to be sure to share it as I do know of situations where people have gotten a non-working item from Goodwill and not known that they could get their money back. *I did have my receipt and it had been within the 7 day return time period. Hope to help – nobody deserves to be stuck with money wasted on a broken item no matter where it is from!