Tagging Gun

If you do not already have one I HIGHLY recommend to any seller – or shopper – investing in a tagging gun. You can buy them on Ebay or Amazon cheaply and they will save you headaches – and money…  If you sell clothes at a consignment sale they are so much easier and faster than pinning your tags on – and if you have ever changed your mind on a purchase after getting it home and removing the tag and then are fearful of returning the item although it is brand new voila – problem solved and money saved.  Do yourself a favor and purchase one to have on hand!!

Target Markdown Schedule

If you want to go right to the area that was just marked down at Target here is the general rule of thumb as to when an area gets marked down:

Monday Target Markdowns: Kids’ Clothing, Stationery, Electronics
Tuesday Target Markdowns: Women’s Clothing and Domestics (Decor)
Wednesday Target Markdowns: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Food, Health and Beauty
Thursday Target Markdowns: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares
Friday Target Markdowns: Cosmetics,  Automotives

*They have kept us on our toes a bit more recently so this is an estimate and not guaranteed – so when in doubt stalk!

So where DID I go the day after Halloween?….

T.J. Maxx $5 Geisha Costume

This year I went to my usual of Target the day after Halloween – they always have 50% the day after, before going later to 70%, and then 90% off.  I shopped at the New Berlin Target and the newer one on Bluemound, I found the items at the Bluemound location much better.

At Target you can find the usual – basic costumes, candy, misc. decor, small kids items, and some nice hidden finds such as napkins, plates, Kleenex, soap pumps, cups, toothpaste – anything with a holiday theme on it.

I also went to Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx this year and that is where I found my favorite finds and will be heading first next time around.  I found really nice decorations for a few bucks a piece and beautiful costumes for both kids and adults for $5-$13 a piece – $13 being the adult costumes that were originally $50+. I was thrilled with my finds at these two stores – I personally went to the Marshall’s on Hwy. 100 in West Allis and the T.J. Maxx on 27th Street but there are more to choose from of course.