Price Matching for the Holidays

Don’t forget that most stores will price match if you bring in a print ad for the same item – this can save you time and money this holiday season.

Today I brought in a flyer for Toy’s R Us to Target since they had their Baby Alive dolls on sale for $29.99 and Target had the same exact doll on sale for $37.00.  I had to go to the customer service desk and she did take a few minutes to verify my request, but she then rang it up at the cheaper price no problem and also checked out my other items right away as well.  I have Target price match whenever I can as it is so convenient for me to shop there versus somewhere like Toy’s R Us which is a zoo this time of year, and also a farther drive.  As an added bonus, if you have the Target Red Card you get an additional 5% off as well.

Remember – print ads are still your friend – use them to your advantage. Price Matching for the Holidays can really come in handy!

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