So where DID I go the day after Halloween?….

T.J. Maxx $5 Geisha Costume

This year I went to my usual of Target the day after Halloween – they always have 50% the day after, before going later to 70%, and then 90% off.  I shopped at the New Berlin Target and the newer one on Bluemound, I found the items at the Bluemound location much better.

At Target you can find the usual – basic costumes, candy, misc. decor, small kids items, and some nice hidden finds such as napkins, plates, Kleenex, soap pumps, cups, toothpaste – anything with a holiday theme on it.

I also went to Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx this year and that is where I found my favorite finds and will be heading first next time around.  I found really nice decorations for a few bucks a piece and beautiful costumes for both kids and adults for $5-$13 a piece – $13 being the adult costumes that were originally $50+. I was thrilled with my finds at these two stores – I personally went to the Marshall’s on Hwy. 100 in West Allis and the T.J. Maxx on 27th Street but there are more to choose from of course.


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