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Just a note to let you know what I found out recently about Bed Bath & Beyond and Michael’s Store Coupon Policies …

All of us in the Milwaukee area used to be inundated with them – especially because you could use Linen’s and Things coupons there as well before they closed around here.   I still get on average one a week for BB&B  but hate to buy anything without a coupon there.  They have changed them in that many have a date you need to use it by in order to get the 20% off and then it goes down to 15% or even 10% off if not used by then.  *As you may or may not know you can also use expired coupons – no problem!

What I wanted to be sure to share that may be less well-known is that if you do not have a coupon on hand but want to buy something on the spot you CAN get a refund if you bring in a coupon at a later date simply by bringing it in with your receipt.  This means that if you forgot your coupon(s) at home, OR you have yet to receive another one you can simply bring it in for the money later – I could not get a specific date as to how long I could do this for – but it was definitely not a strict or short amount of time.  I did this once flawlessly already.


As I head to Michael’s this morning without a 40% off coupon I am reminded that there, just like at Bed Bath & Beyond, you can easily get a price adjustment later by bringing in a coupon and your receipt.  It used to pain me to not have a coupon when I saw something I wanted there – but now that I know this I can shop at full-price with no worries!


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  1. Beth – Michael’s also accepts coupons on smartphones, and they have an app which will give you all their current coupons. Just thought you might like to know for the future, if you didn’t already!

    1. Thank-you Jackie! I tried to use it once but it wasn’t set up and I got all flustered in line – I should get that working though – thanks for the tip for everyone! : )

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