Two Fun Trader Joe’s Party Ideas

I thought I would share two fun Trader Joe’s Party ideas now that there is another one in the area – one I have done and one I am going to do.

1. A Cheap 2-Buck-Chuck Wine Tasting Party – Get 3 bottles of the cheap-o Trader Joe’s wine and cover up the labels with paper and tape.  Mark them bottles 1, 2, and 3. Have a few friends over and taste them one at a time, vote for your favs., and reveal the labels.  Be sure to have some Trader Joe’s snack foods on hand as you will get the munchies.  Also a good idea to have aspirin on hand to avoid any headaches from the cheap wine.  I did this one this Summer with my neighborhood Mom’s playgroup and we had a blast – one Mom even brought her list with notes to the new location today so she knew which kinds she wanted to buy.

2. A Trader Joe’s Favorites Party – Get a few fellow Trader-Joe’s loving friends together and each brings one or two of their Trader Joe’s favorites – food – and drink if you wish.  Make them all and have a fun Trader Joe’s feast.  Come on – we all do it – look in other peoples carts there to see what they are getting – this would surely make the list of your Trader Joe’s favorites much longer when you are done as it is all so good once you try it.  This one I plan on trying with my Mom’s playgroup a.s.a.p. to celebrate the close Trader Joe’s!

Happy Parties! : )



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