20 Easy Ways to Save Money at Target

While some of these ways to save at Target have been around for a while, its likely several others you never heard of, or considered. Be that as it may, implement as many as you can to to save even more!

  1. Register for Target’s Mobile Coupons.

    Make your cell phone into a source of savings by registering for Target’s mobile coupons. After you have registered, store coupons will be emailed to you once a month,

    along with a barcode that can be read at the checkout register.

  2. Target Cartwheel Smartphone App

    Target has a social coupon system called “Cartwheel“. You have probably seen posts from your friends on Facebook saying “[Friend’s Name] liked a deal on [product] using the Cartwheel app”.

    Signup with this program and then log in; select the coupons you want; then have the cashier scan your personal barcode at the checkout to subtract your savings. Print out a paper copy and take it with you, or get the Cartwheel app to store your barcode on your phone.

    Some of the specific benefits of the program:

    Every deal can be used up to four times. So, if you buy three eligible 12pks of soda, your Cartwheel discount will be applied to each 12pk.
    Cartwheel coupons can be stacked with Target coupons as well as manufacturer coupons for MEGA savings!

    Target Cartwheel for Android
    Target Cartwheel for Apple


  3. Use Target printable Coupons

    Go to coupons.target.com for coupons prior to heading to the store. There are coupons for baby stuff, groceries, clothing, housewares, office supplies and more, and these coupons can be used in combination with manufacturer coupons and Target Cartwheel offers for even more savings.

  4. Check Your Target Receipt for Coupons – (Possibly Canada only)

    Be sure to examine your Target receipt carefully before throwing it in the trash. Target prints coupons at the bottom of receipts – a nice surprise / bonus for attentive shoppers. Note: I learned of this early in 2014, and have continued to review my Target receipt, but have yet to discover a coupon at the bottom, so this may be at Canada Target’s only.

  5. Make sure to scope out the Target End Caps

    Target endcap clearanceSometimes you dart in for 1 or 2 items and your out. But if you have a little more time, check end caps (the shelves that appear at the end of each aisle), as that is definitely where a majority of the clearance items end up. Get in the habit of going around the outer perimeter of the store to check all end caps for clearanced products.

    Note: Target discounts its clearance items in increments – 15, 25, 30, 50, 75 and 90% off (the first discount amount varies by department). Should you not be interested in the current clearance price, you could wait another markdown. However, clearance items don’t stick around for long, and holiday merchandise is more often than not the only stuff that gets discounted by 90%.

  6. Dollar Spot To Make Your Little Ones Happy (so you can continue shopping)

    If you went to target with kids in-tow, chances are you could be going home with items lobbied (begged) for by your kids and tossed into the cart. Instead of ending up with pricey items you had to buy to placate your shopping helpers, take them right to the dollar spot where you can let them pick out an item while reinforcing that this is a reward for good behavior. You could also opt to buy them a snack here, let them eat it as you shop and pay at the register. These are much better options than caving on a $30 Lego item, or messy snack bar item as you try to finish your Target Run!

  7. Bundle Manufacturer Coupons with Sales

    Combining coupons with sales can lead to huge savings, however its no secret that doing so takes a lot of work. A workaround? Allow anoher person to do take are of it. Couponmom.com combines the weekly Target deals with manufacturer coupons, which is a huge time saver (and discount multiplier!).

  8. Take Advantage of Holiday Clearance Sales

    Shopping the after-holiday sales at Target can lead to big savings, especially when you know when to shop. While the mark down schedule will vary some from store-to-store, here’s a general guide:
    50% off – the day after the holiday
    75% off – three days after
    90% off – a week after

  9. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

    Snag an extra 2.5% off, to 28% off every purchase by purchasing discounted Target gift cards through Gift Card Granny.
    GriftCardGranny.com – a website where you can purchase discounted Gift Cards (at Gift Card websites, Ebay auctions, etc.).

  10. Utilize Discount Coupons on Trial-size Products

    Are you a fan of giveaways? Then, head over to the trial-size aisle at Target. Clip coupons for new products (that do not come with size restrictions), and match them with items in the trial section. You’ll be amazed at how many things you can get for zero cost, mere pennies, or (sometimes) a profit.

  11. Catch a Daily Deal

    Target.com lists up to five deeply discounted items on it’s Daily Deals page each day. These items are available for one day only and ship free. If they offer something that you need, it can be a fantastic deal.

  12. Shop at Goodwill

    Target clearance at GoodwillTarget consistently donates unsold, brand new merchandise to Goodwill Stores. When my family and I go to Goodwill, we always head over to the locked merchandise case, where we have consistently found brand new items (referred to as “Target Salvage” such as:

    -Misc Target salvaged electronics/games
    -Higher end/real jewelry
    -Disney infinity pack for the Wii
    -LeapPad games

    And always check there first thing – they go quick and could go before your eyes.
    You need to get an associate to open the case for you and they hold your item behind the counter until you check out.
    Be aware that even new items could have something wrong with them as they may have been returned to and salvaged from Target for that reason.

    Always keep your receipt in case you need to return the item due to not working – please note you will ONLY get store credit at most Goodwill locations.

  13. Visit Target.com via the Entertainment Book

    target-entertainment-bookThe Entertainment Book offers a way to save at Target that often gets overlooked. By going to Entertainment.com/target2015, you can register your Entertainment Book online, and receive savings for Target that are special for Entertainment Book users. The deals will change over time, but at the time of this posting, they include up to 30% off for home goods (chairs, bedding, lamps, holiday wreaths, etc), special deals on fragrances, toys, and other deals. Make sure to keep coming back to see what your Entertainment Book connection gets you at Target!

  14. Target clearance on Target.com

    Target Clearance from Mobile PhoneDid you know you should shop for Target clearance from your computer? You’ll find housewares, toys, women’s and men’s clothing, electronic accessories and more. To get there click here, or follow the directions below.
    From your computer: Go to Target.com, look on the left hand navigation for “clearance & deals”, then click on clearance at the top of the flyout menu.
    From your phone: Go to Target.com, look for the 3 red lines at the top right of the screen, tap on it and choose “deals & coupons”, then “clearance”.

  15. Use the Price Scanner at the end of the aisle

    Sometimes the clearance team misses an item that should have been re-stickered with a lower price. If it is something you want, always check the price with a scanner. Also, scan things that are one of a kind. These things may be returns from previous seasons that have been clearanced out. You may be surprised!

  16. As -Is Labeling

    According to a Target associate, the label “AS IS” typically means that the item’s SKU is no longer carried  at Target, although there could be other reasons for it to be marked that way. Regardless, the item has been specially marked (and discounted) to make room for marked, and managed inventory, and to move it fast. (Snatch it up before someone else does.)

  17. Look for repackaged items

    These items could be something that was purchased online and returned, or merely a returned that did not have its original packaging/box. The “presentation” of this item may no longer be ideal, but may mean you get it a fraction of its original price!

  18. Bring your own bags for shopping at Target (BYOB)

    Save $0.05 for every bag you bring in for your items to be place in.  Think about your last visit to Target; how many bags did you use? This tactic can certainly have an impact over time!

  19. Talk to floor staff

    If you see an employee marking down products, ask her or him if anything else is being marked down in that aisle.  Those items that don’t already have a sticker will probably be discounted already in the computer system (and reflected in a lower price at the register).

  20. Grab EverydayItems with a Holiday Flair, after the Holiday

    Do you need napkins, cups, paper towels storage containers, or Ziploc bags? The day after the holiday they will be dramatically reduced. Buy and use these items now if color & design are not a concern, or to be ready to decorate and entertain next year!

2 thoughts on “20 Easy Ways to Save Money at Target”

  1. I can help you out about Target coupons since I work at Target. When you’re checking out, a separate coupon printer starts printing coupons out. The thing is…….majority of the time it prints out a coupon that is similar to some items you’re purchasing (such as People Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, etc it’ll print out a $0.50 coupon for your next magazine purchase). I’ll also say the coupons can get really annoying………. because if you buy a birthday card, you receive about 5-8 coupons and if you buy $250 worth of groceries, you’re lucky if you get 1-2 coups.

    Hopefully I helped out a bit! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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