RUMMAGE SEASON: When to have yours, where to advertise??

O.K. Everyone – so RUMMAGE SEASON (or Garage Sale Season) is soon upon us – and I am sooooo excited! – maybe you are too? Whether you want to shop or sell – THIS is indeed an exciting time…

I have many tips that I would like to share – many that I have been asked directly already – so I know it is time for a rummage post…. Read More

Old Lady Cart

One of my most prized shopping aides is my Old Lady Cart, or ‘O.L.C.’ as we call it at my house.  This is the rolling wire cart on wheels that folds up.  You can buy these in the store now – I have seen them at Target and Wal-Mart and I purchased mine on Wal-Marts website.  My husband thought it was so funny that I wanted one – but every time I bring it to a big childrens’ rummage sale I get many comments on what a great idea it is.  This makes your shopping so much more relaxed and you are much less of a Sherpa while taking your purchases around the big sales.  Truly this is a MUST HAVE for anyone that shops at the big rummage sales.