Different Avenues to sell your Children’s outgrown clothes & toys

1. Just Between Friends of Milwaukee County sale is an AMAZING way to make great money off of used kids toys and clothes – I have sold at it every time for years/twice a year and am always happy with the results. You tag your own items and drop them off and then

get a check after the sale. It is the most organized sale I have ever sold at – it is all in the computer electronically and it is SO fun to see what sold that day when you log in that night! The pre-shopping you can do by being a seller is also a HUGE bonus – there are so many nice things – you will wonder why you ever bought new! The foot traffic there is AMAZING! *You get 60% of your sales if you don’t volunteer and 70% if you volunteer 4 hours.

2. Facebook sales ‘sites’/pages – I am an admin on the Brookfield area sales page – I post consistently as the kids outgrow toys and clothes – there are sites for a lot of different areas this one is my favorite. People are looking for certain items such as kids clothes and are willing to pay a bit more than rummage prices when they find them/you sell them. I barely have a sell pile anymore because I post/sell there SO much – it is the reason I am not consigning at JBF this time . I HIGHLY recommend it for selling both kids AND other/household items.

3. Resale shops – those used to be where I went – I would have a route of 3 from the ones that paid the best to the ones that paid the least – currently I can only personally recommend one – it is Once Upon a Child in Brookfield. You do not get as much per item as the other routes but it is EASY – you place your items in a bin, drop them off, pick up what they did not accept later, and get money ON THE SPOT. They take all seasons at all times avoiding headaches that way. They are picky on toys – they need ALL parts – they give more for certain name brands. I still go there on occasion.

4. Craigslist – I have not done kids clothes on there – I used to sell larger kids toys/items and other there – but with all of the other avenues available I would personally avoid it. I have also heard many times ‘wow I had this posted on CL forever but I posted it on the FB site and everyone wanted it!’ – there is something to knowing the seller via FB/a name/face that is a much more comfortable way to sell and buy.

5. E-bay – I have personally not sold on E-bay – well Drew and I tried a few times and did not have good results/luck – many people do though – with clothes it would be with lots of higher end brand names.

6. Amazon – I sell some kids toys on Amazon – it is amazing how much people will pay for older toys – and by older I mean a year to 5 years old – not in production any longer – or certain brand new toys that they can’t get ahold of. I always look on Amazon first before re-selling toys I am looking to sell that would be easy to ship. It is super easy.

7. Yard Sales/Rummage Sales – it is past that point for this year – but I have a whole article on those as I LOVE to have them – the above will net you more money per item esp on the nicer items – but rummage sales are still a GREAT way to unload a LOT at once.

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