Money in your Basement…Clutter into CA$H!

Basement JunkYou’ve heard of the show ‘Cash in the Attic’  – well I’d like to encourage everyone to look at their basement and think ‘Money in your basement’….Clutter into Ca$h!

If you are at all like me, and millions of other Americans with basements, we tend to think of them as a gigantic closet.  Take a look around and think ‘do I really need this? – do I use it? – will I use it in say the next 6-12 months?’…  If the answer is ‘no’ – then it is time to get rid of it – and there is a good chance it is worth some money to you too!

I will be discussing my tips on how to sell many different types of things using many different avenues on my site.  You can utilize Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, Home rummage sales, Consignment shops, Consignment rummage sales, Jewelers, and even swap-meet parties.  For now I would like to encourage everyone to take a look around your basement and other storage areas – think of whether you need things or not – think of the item versus the space it takes up as well as the money you could potentially get for something that is just collecting dust.  Who couldn’t use more space and money?

Money in your basement…Clutter into Ca$h…think about it!

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