Rummage/Garage Sale Tips….


A few basic but IMPORTANT rummage and garage sale tips (may add more as I think of them!):
-Do NOT keep your rummage money on you or outside in a money holder!!! – please keep most cash inside in a secret spot and keep only small change on yourself/outside.

*It is a sad but true fact that there are many thefts at rummage sales – keep your hard-earned cash safely inside to avoid theft!

-Speaking of theft – keep an eye out for possible theft of your items as well! – as sad as it is – there is a lot of theft of items at rummages – be aware – have two people there at all times if you can – and if not be aware – and do not be shocked if it happens to you.

-Do NOT accept bills over say $20 – people are known to try to pass counterfeit bills at rummages.

-Make a sign ahead of time stating something such as: Cash only, No bills over $20, All Sales Final. (Yes – you will get people trying to return if you do not!)

-If you would rather people do not use your bathroom put that on a sign as well – yes – they will ask you otherwise!

-***Be prepared to haggle!  Many rummage-goers LIKE to haggle…do NOT be afraid to say NO if you do not agree on the price – you are the seller – in the end it is up to YOU!***

***The above may sound scary – but really a rummage should be fun – both for the shopper and the seller – so relax – have fun – make some space and money at the same time – enjoy yourself!***

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