RUMMAGE SEASON: When to have yours, where to advertise??

O.K. Everyone – so RUMMAGE SEASON (or Garage Sale Season) is soon upon us – and I am sooooo excited! – maybe you are too? Whether you want to shop or sell – THIS is indeed an exciting time…

I have many tips that I would like to share – many that I have been asked directly already – so I know it is time for a rummage post….

When should you have a rummage?

April – August weather depending is rummage season – May – July are the best months.

What days should you have a rummage?

Thursdays are the biggest traffic days, followed by Saturday, closely followed by Friday.

What times are good for my rummage/garage sale?

8:00 a.m. – 3 p.m. are great times – anytime after that can be a waste of your time/ghost town.

*Except – when you have an evening preview night – which I highly recommend – it brings out those working full-time – a.k.a. those that usually miss the first days of rummages and HAVE MONEY TO SPEND!!  My best sales – ever – were at a weekday evening preview night.

Where to advertise my sale?

I have had rummages with and without paid/newspaper advertising and I noticed a big difference.  I highly recommend a basic ad in the local paper as it brings more customers – and most importantly – those with the money to spend at your rummage.

I recommend advertising in your local paper – here it is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – and also on any free sites such as Craigslist, Mom sites (if you are selling kids items) and any others you can get on.

*I will be posting next about what you need on hand to hold your own rummage….I will also be posting about pricing, what seems to sell best, miscellaneous tips, and locally what to expect at various large rummage sales should you choose to sell your items at those.



1 thought on “RUMMAGE SEASON: When to have yours, where to advertise??”

  1. Great tips!

    Advertising a rummage sale in the newspaper is something I hadn’t even considered. It has been so long since I have consulted an actual print newspaper for rummage sale info that I wouldn’t even know where to look in the paper for that information!

    One other tip to add to the list…team up with neighbors to have a multi-family rummage. As a rummage sale shopper, I am much more likely to go to a neighborhood rummage sale than a single family sale.

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