Scholastic Book Ordering

Two quick notes for the parents out there that are new to Scholastic Book Ordering like I was – and the time is here for many a book fair…

1. You do NOT have to order just what is in the current flyer – if you go online and input the name of just one book you are interested in finding and purchasing the odds are it will be there so you do NOT have to buy it along with another book they are listing it with in the flyer.  This kept me from buying from the flyers when my daughter was in pre-school – now that I know I am much more apt to order.

2. If you order and do not want your children to see the books as they are surprises or presents they do wrap them in brown paper bags, but to ensure the secret you can have them set the books aside for you at the front desk so that you can pick them up.  This is how my school (Elmwood in New Berlin, WI) does it and I am sure yours does – or could – too.

Hope to help – yeay book fairs!

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