About this Site

This site is to help people I know with finding deals on what they want and selling the things that they no longer want!

I have always loved the thrill of finding a good deal – and that only increased once I became a stay at home Mom – I was shopping for so many fun things – and was on a tighter budget.

More than finding a deal, the fun for me is in sharing the deal with my friends and family – and what better way than by posting it here where any of them can come to if they want!

I do not claim to be an expert, but I do know enough through my experiences that people had begun coming to me for shopping and selling advice.  This, coupled with my love for sharing deals, led me to do my own site where I can post all of my shopping and selling tips, (and where my husband Drew can post his Target Weekly Ad pdf).

I hope this site helps to share my tips with everyone I know – happy shopping and selling!

Beth : )

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