Holiday Credit Card Theft

It is that time of year again – a very high Holiday Credit Card Theft rate – sad but true.  We have gotten our credit card stolen 2 times during the holiday shopping season and I personally know of others, maybe some that are reading this post, that have had their credit cards or even entire identity stolen as well.

For us, once it was left at a gas station and within a few hours someone had taken it and went on a shopping spree at T.J. Maxx, Wal-Mart, and Burlington Coat Factory for a total of $1,250, and the other just last year someone stole the info. from an internet purchase and bought $1,500 worth of Uggs online.  Both times it was our Discover card which covers 100% of it if it was fraudulent, score one for Discover card.  Discover also calls you whenever there are questionable purchases which is how we found out about the shopping spree that day.  I caught the online charge before it even processed as I checked my credit card purchases online every  day and Discover card now shows you pending purchases.

I do not have any factual advice that you have not already heard, no magic wand to make it not happen to you, but I would truly be remiss if I did not mention to be EXTRA careful with your credit cards this holiday season.  You know the drill – keep them safe and on you or at home hidden at all times, only shop online on secure websites, do not get flustered when in a hurry and checking out somewhere and forget them/leave them, and check your accounts and credit cards often to stop any theft right away.

None of us are perfect – and many of us assume others are honest – but the unfortunate truth is that we all need to be even more aware and careful during the holiday shopping season.


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